Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Resolution

1. I owe the IRS over $50,000 in back taxes and they are threatening me with a lien on my house and a levy on my bank account. Can you help me?

Yes. As an Enrolled Agent I have many tools I can use to help my client satisfy their tax debt with the IRS such as an Offer in Compromise and Different kinds of Installment Agreements.

2. What is an Enrolled Agent?

The Enrolled Agent is the highest credential the IRS issues. The advantage of working with an Enrolled Agent lies not only in the depth of his or her experience and understanding on how to prepare a tax return, but in his or her knowledge of tax law that may be used to represent taxpayers before the IRS. EA’s can speak directly to the IRS on your behalf regarding any IRS issue you may have.

3. What is an Offer in Compromise and an Installment Agreement?

An Offer in Compromise is a partial settlement of a taxpayer’s tax liability which is a tool that an Enrolled Agent can use in Tax Resolution. The Installment Agreement is a payment plan with the IRS to make regular monthly payments to pay off taxes owed.

4. Can the IRS levy my bank account if I am in an Installment Agreement?

If you stay in compliance (all tax returns are filed) the IRS should not levy or seize your property.

5. What is Tax Resolution and how does it work?

The Tax Resolution Process is way for the Enrolled Agent to help you resolve a good portion of what you owe to the IRS and it consists of three separate steps: Investigation, Tax Compliance and Tax Resolution.

6. Once the Enrolled Agent begins the Tax Resolution process, how long will it take to resolve my problem and get tax relief?

From the time an Enrolled Agent receives the appropriate documentation and analyzes the situation a typical tax resolution case can take 3 to 4 months or even more.

7. What documentation is needed from me to resolve my tax problem?

An Enrolled Agent would need any letters you may have received from the IRS, your tax returns and a personal financial statement listing all current income as well as expenses.

8. How much do you charge?

Many tax resolution firms are known for hidden fees or for over billing their clients. As an Enrolled Agent I charge a Flat Fee. My fee is based on the amount of work to be performed. I charge 50 percent down when I begin and the balance when I finish. My fee includes:

  • Full resolution negotiation
  • Removal of any existing wage garnishments or levies
  • Any appeal filings
  • Preparation of any unfiled tax returns
  • Application for penalty abatement, if applicable

9. What other services can an Enrolled Agent help me with other than IRS problems?

In addition to Tax Resolution and Installment Agreements I also offer Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Planning, Financial Statement preparation and Financial Advice.